Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

OK folks here is the dealioso. I first of all well to put it plainly lived a pretty sheltered non living existence for 12 years with the Frog Prince so to say the least EVERYTHING IS NEW!!!
This is going to be the first Halloween that I have ever dressed up!!!! Oh ya and guess what I get to throw a bangin birthday/costume party for Joe!! I am everly so excited!
You see this is the first year were I am able to actually participate in the whole Halloween thing, and in true demented by Martha Stewart form I am doing it up!!! Now don't get me wrong I have always worked hard to make sure my babies got to get candy and dress up, and tho last year was a hard one for us the kids did have fun. But this year we are blessed with having a wonderful man in our lives that is full on into making it all about the babies, and having a good time.
Plus his birthday is Halloween! So of course with the new found freedom, as well as the support of Joe I have decided to dress up, and throw that man a party too! He doesn't know it but we are going to have a costume birthday party that quite frankly will be amazing!
I have made him a graveyard birthday cake adorned with head stones and a candy corn fence and can't wait to see his face when he see's me in my wait for it..... Cop Costume!!!!! Ya I am dressing up as a cop cuffs' and all! But you all know me I had to accessorize it with my sweet blue heels that I found with miss Alison in Cali!
So to say the least after a night of making caramel corn, meat ball hordevors, and the birthday cake I am fit to be tied for it to hit 7!!!! We are going to have my bff's sweet apple pie drink, beer, beer, oh and did I mention beer? And because my lil sis rock's she and her lover are taking the kiddos trick o' treating! Basically the sun is shining, I am having an amazing hair day and tonight is going to rock!
Happy Halloween to my Peeps!