Thursday, March 3, 2011

School of Divorce!

OK first let me educate and inform those of you that are considering or in the middle of a divorce. I will be the first to admit that on the financial end of my marriage I was ENTIRELY UNAWARE! By unaware ladies, I didn't even have a checking account, savings account etc. I had never filed taxes by myself, or even thought to worry or check into any of the accounts that my ex was in control of. You see I married young (18) and didn't even have a job from the time we wed in '97 til '09!!
So here is the advice I wished I had when this all started.

1)Know all and every document that you sign, or are given to sign
2)Do a check on all accounts constantly
3)Have your own checking and savings in your maiden name!
4)Do a credit check the once a year on your name
5)Do not assume that he would never take a cc in your name, take out loans with you not knowing, or that you are going to be free of any incurred debt on his half just because you have a divorce decree that gives him ALL debt!!!
6)Request all past taxes that have been filed, and request an Injured Spouse amendment for your first year of filing taxes on your own!!!

Here is the deal your lawyer can't do everything, or think of everything. You need to make sure that when all is said and done your asset's are protected from debt collectors, and that you are able to prove or disprove all disputed debts.