It's All About Me (not so much)

Its so funny to think that anyone would be interested in a girl like me but here it goes. I am a mom of four children 3 girls, 1 boy. They for 12 years were lucky to say they had  a stay at home mommy, but divorce changed that. I now work full time at a clothing store in our lil mountain town of Red Lodge, MT. at Sagebrush Sirens and love it everly so much!

I parent with humor, sarcasm, all sprinkled with love. I have a realistic approach to parenting and would love to find the guy that said this is an easy gig! I read parenting books to laugh, and must say my favorite comment that I get is "So they are all yours?" followed by a gasp! I think that if you are dealing with children as smart as mine you should be given an endless supply of good wine, great cheesecake, and one heck of a sense of humor!

So grab a triple shot and come along with me and my lil eclectic brood of babies and enjoy the ride! Just keep in mind what you read is what you get, I am an all or nothing gal and say it as I see it :)