Friday, April 29, 2011

What the Ficas!!!!

OK so I pride myself on well being organized, prepared and ready for all that I do but during the past month we have been hit with family emergency room visits, holidays(stupid rabbit) , and working more than normal. So it was uber shocking to me today while talking with a gal about an event that I am MCing for that oh surprise it is this Sunday!

You see I had for some reason put it in my phone and calendar for the Sunday after this and oh shocker it is this Sunday!!!! How in the heck did I do that? I shall first blame the extra incidents of the month, sight early setting in Alshemiers and then go with when all else fails blaming it on the four little full time jobs that I have at home. (mature I know)

So after picking my jaw off the floor, calling and texting my dear dear friends and begging for their hot little bodies to model for Sunday, I then had to contend with what to put them in! Oh ya and did I mention that I had double booked myself and am also supposed to be in Billings with my guy, and the babies to watch him race? Oh ya I am supposed to transport myself there in time to see his race! Where in the world is Spock when you need him and his fancy ship? I just can't do it Captain I can't do it! insert strong Scottish accent please. I mean hello I may be super mom but a little help here from the Trekkie's would be Greatly Appreciated! I could totally rock their little jump suits and heck I would even be nice to the Klenon's, and Shatner would so love my enthusiasm!

Oh and did I mention that do to my sweet scheduling abilities I will have to show up late for the races, and oh did I mention that I will be doing the show probably til 2! I mean can anyone one please bring me a paper bag, shot of vodka, and a Valium? Cause I am going to need them!!!!

Now due to the fact that I have multi tasking OCDs  I have managed to pick outfits for all, stop my hyperventilating without a paper bag, and am now just dreading the let down of telling my family that I will have to be late coming to the races. I have some ideas on how to do this so tell me what you think.

A) Make FABULOUS dinner, dessert, and tell them when the are almost comatose from eating too much.

B) Tell them we are going to Disney Land, and then during their excitement whisper I am going to be late to the races.

C) Grab bottle of wine, bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol, and just tell them quick like when you take off a band-aide and hope that the shrapnel doesn't hit me in the face (I am a cute girl we don't want scars!)

So today while you all celebrate the wonderful feel of it being a Friday, remember Miss Amber here in Lil Montana and say a Lil prayer for me! Lord knows I will need one! Also if you see me on FOX News with the title Montana Woman pummels actor from Star Trek sighting that he wouldn't share his transporter. Just know the real reason behind my actions! And please send me letters in prison :)