Trending Topic in the Family

So the latest trending topic is : Cleaning your room!!!

Ok I know I have 4 kids, I gather that they are young, and I understand that they are busy. But for the love of all that is right in this world Why oh Why Must I bring out "Mommy Dearest" just to get results?

The oldest is very good at keeping her room tidy (thank you god) But the 3 Amigo's tend to have to have life and limb at stake in order to get them to pick up! Many of you may be able to relate to this.

I have found that through numerous "De-funking of the bedrooms" that there is a pattern to the ensuing madness.

1> I walk in the room and it looks like this

2> I Look like this

3> They look like this

4> Then I turn into a modern version of Mommy Dearest and I swear its, sad but true, but I am positive that I have uttered "No Candy in the Room!" with the same vengeance as Mommy Dearest had when she said "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!"

5> The room is cleaned.

What does this say about my skills? Well that I am at least trying for madness in the zoo, and that bless their hearts they listen. Point? Remember to try doing a cleaning routine every night before bed so that the next day the bed is all that is needed to be fixed:)

 Oh ladies! Here is the latest trending topic on the home front:

Ah well it has begun. The terrible part of each parents life when their children are trying to pick who to invite to their birthday. The selection part must be the worst part EVER! Especially if you have a 4th grade girl.

Girl's are just hands down the hardest socially to deal with in the whole Pandora's box of parenting. You have to know by osmosis who is cool, who is mean, and who they simply don't like today. Because 4th grade girls seem to change who they like on a daily basis, which is amazing to me since you can barely get them to remember to change their socks, but by golly they will change their friends!

So while discussing the latest event and what the ground rules are for the said event I have come to one rule: NO SLEEP OVER'S!!!!

You see I had made that rookie mistake in the past with my oldest daughter in the 4th grade and the only positive thing that came out of that night was the fact that nobody died! And yes there was that option! From gum getting stuck in a retainer, to crying over a hair bow that was in a gift bag, to 2 girls proclaiming they would never talk to one another again over a wii game it was as close to a zombie apocalypse as you can get!

So for this year's event we are throwing a faux sleep over complete with PJ's, movie, popcorn, and goodies galore. As for the party list I couldn't tell you!!! The finicky little mite has gone back and forth so many times that I finally just said pick 7 girls/boys and we are calling it good! So stay tuned for what will happen next!

Trending topic:
Often there are those days when I look at my youngest and truth be told he is the joy of my day! But there are those moments when even I look at him and wonder Really? You see as stated before he thinks he is hysterical, seriously he knows nobody funnier than himself! And when asked to go get his jammies on last night this is what he came up stairs in:

Ya I know words can't express how proud I was!

Oh to be a boy! Well as it turns out my youngest is in comedian mode! He has been hysterical this month. The other night when asked to turn around and come here by his dad he actually turned in circles all the way to his dad, when he got there he braced himself against his dad and said "Wow, I am dizzy why did you make me do that!" Oh just the fact that while watching him it was like seeing an upside down weeble wobble spinning like a top was basically the best thing ever!

Who says you need cable to be entertained?

Trending topic:

It has come to my attention as of late that my youngest has decided that he can negotiate ALL things that are asked of him. Now this boy will come at you with ninja skills in his argument on such topics as getting dressed, brushing teeth, and bed time. Its like going to court with OJ Simpson and his toxic duo!

I mean really what happens from the fun cute little gibberish phase? I like that phase when they first master talking and make no sense what so ever! That is just precious! But this whole I will use negotiation of time, Chinese water torture, and even for the heck of it reverse psychology is well just plain dirty!

So for those of you who deal with the constant argument from your wee ones I feel ya!

Trending topic:

This weeks trending topic is the missing baby aka wee mans blanket. It has come time to let go of the blanket entourage that my son has EVERYWHERE he goes! You see I am all for supporting security, and bonds with certain things, but alas the baby's situation has become a bit over the top. (imagine that)

So making the decision that he needs to shed his following of blankets we have been disappearing them one at a time. This takes the skill of Martha Stewart in the prison system, and the stealth of a O.J. Simpson evading a double homicide sentence. It also takes nerves of a bomb expert due to the constant searching, questioning, and demanding of the blanket that has mysteriously went MIA!

So do a shot for my sanity, and his survival.