Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wearing your stretch marks with honor!

Ah the joy's of motherhood! So many of us sweet impressionable women enter into the land of "Mommy Ville" with the idea that we will have the perfect basket ball belly, the perfect use of cocoa butter to erase all records of our stomachs getting stretched out beyond recognition, and the bounce back body post delivery body.

Here is the truth: The bastard that started this lie needs to be hunted down and shot! Seriously?

I am a proud mommy of 4 babies, and I have survived 6 pretty tough pregnancy's but dang if I didn't beat myself up for years!!!! About how "bad" my stomach looked. What a shame! To be given children, and then handed shame and disappointment with the way our bodies look after the journey is truly a discredit to the journey as well as the mother's we have become.

So I send out this challenge to you. Post your post baby belly pics PROUDLY!!!!  Here is mine and I am proud that I have the babies as well as the loses that were given to me as a mother. You should be too!