Thursday, April 8, 2010

I can't believe she said that!!!!

Now there are many things that even as an adult I have to sit back and wonder sometimes "Did I say that out loud??" Many people who know and love me will tell you that I am a talker. (Guilty) Others will tell you that there are those moments in a conversation with me that they sit there and go "Where in the world did she come up with that!" You see part of my fly by the seat of my pants attitude is that I am extremely honest, often say it as I see it and well that's just me.
I often have come up with my own phrases for different situations, people, etc. Some well are a little colorful, and others are due to the fact that I can't cuss in front of little ears, which lets be honest with four Lil ones that is all the time! So I have come up with phrases such as "Mother Trucker", "He is such an Aerosol", well you get the jest. Plus as a mother that I am positive that I have entered into the Twilight Zone and I am positive my children are being taken over by aliens! So when faced with these moments I have come to say things like "You are three keystrokes from being put on Craig's List!" or "When I find the man that is dealing you pixie sticks he is so going down!" You see the key to parenting as a single is HUMOR! Without humor or sarcasm I truly don't think me or my children would survive.
So if you are ever in the presence of me with my four orbiting planets and think that you are in shock or questioning whether or not I just told my daughter that her acting out with a tantrum is "Jacked up like polio" You are not mis hearing anything you are simply hearing me take my situation and laugh it off.
Because without humor we would never laugh, and without sarcasm we would all be far to literal for our own good!