Saturday, April 23, 2011

School Days

First let me just say that there are those certain milestones that you reach with your children that are well great and painless and others that are comparable to contractions. (ya I know I am all class ;)

At a girls night with my besties which is the best therapy known to man! I mean heck throw some champagne, goodies, and girl talk and I truly believe it is worth its weight in gold and a whole hella cheaper too! Well it is on these nights that us busy ladies often end up laughing till we can't breathe and we even delve into past experiences. I know we are very talented!

Well me and one of my girls are going to be facing the first day of Kindergarten for our youngest chillens and well it is so funny on how different this experience can be from the first to the last. You see as always our oldest girls were not only ready but well heck they were so excited to spread their lil wings that there was only tears from the mama's and the girls were off and running. But it is a whole new game when you deal with the youngest. I for one and just hoping for a bit of a calmer first day rather than what it was when I took my darling Aubry. (enter second child, and queen of middle child syndrome)

You see it was through our reminiscing that I was reminded of the sweet and darling way my lil Aubry christened that Kindergarten classroom, Principal , and teacher all on her first day in school. It was a great day, the sun was shining she was in the cutest lil outfit ever, and sporting amazing pig tails. (this girl has GREAT hair)

So upon bringing her into the classroom I was so proud of my lil angel and couldn't wait to watch her blossom just like her big sis. (mistake #1 comparing siblings) So I got her supplies out, we found her spot, and when we went to hang up her jacket and backpack, she said calmly "So when I am ready to come home I will do something big" (clue one that this girl had no intention of staying in school the full day) I simply brushed off this comment and left feeling very confident that this was just a great day all around.(mistake#2 underestimating the awesome power of miss aubry)

You see this day started a slew of days that well I became aware that my girl was not a thing like her oldest sister and that when the principal has you on speed dial on his private cell phone him and his secretary's need coffee brought to them daily.

It was on the first day that with out skipping a beat she promptly after lunch decided she was done with this Kindergarten gig and pulled the plug on the water table, thus flooding the classroom and ending her up in the principals office and my first phone call from the principal. And let me tell you I know that principals are great but why do you start your convo's with "Hi, Amber this is insert name. How is your day going?" I mean seriously? Well to be quite honest it was flipping sweet, til you called!"

I mean really what in the free world do they expect you to say? Oh fabulous and its even better since I get to hear your amazing voice! Hell to the no dude! Lets be honest the reason they call is A) your kid is in trouble, B) there is an injury or C)Your child is taking hostages in the library!

It was with these calls that first year that I learned quite a bit about my lil Aubry. She has skills to be an excellent lawyer, and negotiator, and if there is a job in the military that allows her to use mind manipulation while distracting them with her lil precious moments look of innocence this girl is bound to go far! I also learned that the constant pounding in her head that lying was not allowed did help though often got her in trouble at school. And that she had a heart of gold!

You see bless her lil heart she is the carbon copy of her mommy, but with self confidence that I envy. You see often her principal visits had a pattern. If a boy messed with her big sister she was going to take them out! And do to her no lying policy would fully admit to not only pushing the boy down but also kicking him while he was down to prove her point of don't mess with my sister. If somebody was bullying another classmate about not having nice shoes or clothes she would come home and demand we get them the needed item or she was going to give her own shoes and clothes to them.

It is with this redeeming quality of total loving and acceptance that she is truly the most giving person I know. It was during that first year at Kindergarten that she worked for 2 weeks straight to earn money to buy a girl in her class a winter coat, mitten, hat, and boots because the girls family was unable to do this. What made it so special was that she wanted the girl to not know she did it! She simply went in early that day put all the items on her hook and watched at the excitement when the lil girl found them. You see though I may have seen that Principal and his secretary's more than any of my other friends and family that year I would never change that year for anything!

I find that if we take a step back from the situation we will often see that the intent of our children is not that of being bad but rather their way of standing up for or defending good. Now don't think for a minute that she is perfect and that I praise her for being bad, but I do make sure that I have all sides of the situation before I log onto craigslist and post her up for top bidder.

She is so her own lil person!