Wednesday, February 10, 2010

National Single Girls Holiday

So it is coming up the holiday that Hallmark has created! Yup Valentines! Oh what a day when you are in love and sooooooooo happy in your little world of happy endings and candle light. But when it is just you one has a complete different view. You see this is the day that those that are alone get to see it right in their face that they are lonely in love.
I mean really what is so great about being alone on this day? Its not like you can tell your girlfriend's that are gushing about the roses, candy, and lil somethings that their men have done for them that you got to spend the night crying at Sleepless in Seattle, while drowning your sorrow's with cheap wine, and Chinese! Its bad enough that the entire week to V day (AKA D day) with everyone and their brother trying to fix you up with someone so your not the Lone Ranger!
Now in my past with the super awesome Frog Prince I was often just dreading the lack of interest or even acknowledgement of this day. But this year it shall be me and my lil monkeys. So do I just sit and wish? Or do I make the move to try to salvage this holiday by making it something for myself?
As a mother of four the prospects of flowers and candy are limited to the ones my lil babies draw me, and the candy I swipe from their loot bags! Don't judge me! Those lil kidlins make out pretty good on this holiday! The least they can do is throw mama a kit kat.
Plus I don't think sitting and wallowing in self pity helps a thing! I mean granted it is the holiday of romance and love, but what if you are not in love or being loved? What kind of card could I get myself? I mean Hallmark doesn't make the "Sorry you're a loser and have nobody" with a cute heart and a lonely woman! Plus buying yourself a card is probably a little bit more on the lame note anyway!
Or should I just wear a shirt that says "SINGLE". Oh ya the attention that I would get from that would surely send me head first into suicide watch!
So to the other singles I hope you dine out with your babies, eat candy, and count those sweet sentimental blessings that you are looking at on this holiday. Remember the good times and laugh at the ridiculous!