Monday, April 2, 2012

To dress FEARLESS!!!

Oh ladies and gents. I have entered into the FEARLESS ZONE!!!! You see as a mother there are moments that well will either make or break you. How you choose to take the news that your little cherub drops on you is really at least in my case whether or not I have had caffeine yet.

Mornings are often when I find my sweet lil one's like to stalk, and pounce me. You see before this mommy has coffee you could tell me you were plotting the next Armageddon, and just so you would stop talking at me I would most likely point you to the nearest gun cabinet, and remind you to wear a helmet. Judge me if you will I am just not a morning gal, and you can bet my lil one's know this and well they do tend to use this to their advantage.

Most morning's bless my oldest daughter's heart she makes me coffee (sort of like a peace offering for what is to be endured ;) Now every morning my youngest one will bounce, fly, crawl, or run into the room and announce "Good Mording Mamamama!" then he will promptly begin what I like to refer to as Chinese water torture of 20 questions. From "What time is it?" to examining my reaction to his sweet ensemble that he has concocted that morning.

Now don't get me wrong I adore the fact that the little mite loves to start his day with me (do to the fact I am his favorite mamamama, biased maybe but I will take it). But the problem is that well to put it bluntly he likes to dress like he is on his way to Carnival during a SWAT/Ninja party. My favorite part of his outfits is his justification's! I have provided some of my top favorites with his logical explanation's of them and his need to sport them to school.

I kid you not there was one day when the three youngest convinced me that it was Pajama Day at school and all of them went in their jammies! Don't judge schools are often throwing dress like a pirate, president, or wear your pj's to school days so when all 3 of them decided that they had to sport their sweet jammies to school and then orchestrated their little plan and set it in motion by baiting mommy with the whole nodding of their heads, and the "Mom we told you yesterday" it was not too far fetched for me to believe. Throw in the comatose lack of caffeine element, and like I have said before they truly could have convinced me the school issued this as a dress code and I would have followed it!

But the respect for the fearless dressing of a 6 year old is well inspiring! I have always loved the idea that my girls are creative and love fashion and be it they wore tutu's, tiara's, or stripes with polka dots and I have always stood by them. But the little dude is a whole new ball game, you see were girls accessorize with shoes, purses , and hair goodies he likes to add swords, bullet proof vests, hot wheel tracks, and gloves. No matter the ensemble I have used logic for the reason he is unable to sport the sword to school due to danger issues. Often bless his heart he will comply with the rules : 1.)No weapons; 2.)No safety goggles 3.) Animal hats are negotiable. (don't judge a animal hat is minor to the Nerf gun/sword!)

After you view the photo's of simply amazing ensembles you will see why maybe just maybe pajama day seemed like the most logical outfit of choice and when the animal hat craze started in his class I jumped at the idea!

Papa Smurf!

Goggles check, gloves check, gun check check!

Hot Wheels tracks aka ninja fire darts, sword, and a look of disgust after mom said 'No Go"

The Penguin hat doesn't seem so bad now does it?