Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ah so it came about that Joe in all his sweetness and I decided that yes in fact we would be married. The deal though was the "someday". You see there was a bit of bitterness in my mouth after the first turn of events. And for some reason yours truly was not to thrilled at the whole idea of re-offending again.

Don't get me wrong the guy was fabulous! He loved the kids, loved me, and loved my family. I mean for having all his bases covered he truly had taken care of business. But alas I was often heard when asked when we were getting married responding "Oh I don't know we will probably just get married on a Tuesday". You see I wasn't swooning over bride magazine's, or even swooning over locations, colors, dresses, pretty much was not a swooner. Which for a girl who love's nothing more than just dressing up, eating and drinking in a great venue was a bit off for me.

My friends joked about how I was the guy and my Joe was the girl! He was wanting a date for the wedding and I was the queen of avoidance on the topic. I mean why rush things? It was good the way things were, and quite frankly my past showed me that investing every part of my heart, and soul into someone didn't well turn out all to well.

You see there are things in this life that will turn even the deepest romantic against the idea of marriage. I don't believe I was anti my relationship I was simply anti the final vow. To swear to make yourself and another person tied together FOREVER is well a BIG DEAL!!!! Plus I wasn't that young jaded girl anymore that mistakenly entrusted my life in somebody else's hands. You can only imagine the long convo's with the girlfriends on this matter!

But on a Wednesday night in our garage while looking at Joe's chopper frame (he is building a chopper!) Joe looked at me and said "Hell I would marry you tomorrow! I have always said that!" I looked at him and joshed him and said "Ya right" and that is when the event of the year was started. The next morning Joe say's to me when I get up "So did you call the court house?" Me "Ya that would be a negative ghost rider, if you want to get married you call them" (Charming as always right?) Well the big surprise was ya he wanted too! So he called made an appointment with the judge and it began.

Joe Enos and Amber Patterson were married in the Red Lodge Court House on April 5, 2012. The bride wore a white dress with green polka dots, and the groom wore a black shirt and pants. The bride was given away by their son Aiden who sported a Mohawk. It was a small ceremony which was watched by the children and the grooms parents. It was DIVINE!

The bride and the groom celebrated with margarita's and hot wings at Bogart's with their family and friends! Later that summer we held a reception for the families and it was great!

So I guess never say never. And maybe just maybe your heart's dreams will come true, despite you;)