Friday, December 18, 2009

Chinese Take Out = Quality Bonding

As a child there really was very little time spent with my mother, so as a mommy of four I have made this a Huge Priority. Even as a single mommy, I still make sure that there is a little time each day so that I can catch up with each of the lil monkey's.
But one of my absolute favorite times of the day is when we all eat dinner together. Call me crazy but I love the conversation, laughing, and bonding that we are all able to do with each other over dinner. Tonight due to a long week we took a vote and decided on Chinese Takeout/Movie Night. This was a great idea and we loved it! Between the laughing over the lil man inhaled his sweet and sour pork, and the 411 on why Rori is positive that Santa will be bringing her a Barbie, I was able to catch up with my lil Boo. She informed me that she loves Soy Sauce, still wants the Lil dipper for Christmas, and how she just love love loves Chinese food!
And you know I am sooooo with that girl! She knows what she likes, wants, and loves, and that is often more than most adults know about themselves! I mean it wasn't til just recently I was able too really grasp onto what I want, like, and love!
Its really just another incident of when the my children are often teaching me not the other way around!