Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What in the World is Wrong with these Women!!

Ok today I was amazed to hear that once again another woman is in the news for the involvement with her boyfriends drug dealings. Now she was trying to say that she had no idea that he was doing this, but what I love is the fact that she herself was stealing the prescription meds from work that he was dealing!
To make matters even better she had one of her amazing friends call and yell at a radio dj about his commentary on this event! Stating that she just didn't know what was going on!
Now all of you that know me know this is something that just was a topic that I so had to call in on. So being the girl I am I called and commented on the sheer idiocy of this woman. First you can't tell me she didn't know what was going on when she was the distributor of the product! I mean come on girls we need to look at these woman that are not acting like woman and take a stand!
How many times must the independent and strong women listen to another tale of how another one of us fell victim to a man? Just once I would like a girl say "Yep, I was stupid, he was a great kisser and I gave into the idea" Hell at least then we would be able to say , Oh I so have been there!
As a mother of three girls I often want to install attributes in their core that creates a woman who is independent, smart, and logical! Why is it some of us strive to survive, and others strive to find someone to live through?
So to all you girls that have fallen pray to these so called diabolical men, remember it takes you saying yes for you to get into trouble!