Monday, November 1, 2010


Well Halloween is over and it was a blast! Everyone look great in their costumes, and the kids had a wonderful time with their favorite auntie and uncle and the big kids had a really good time at my party!
I was so excited about dressing up as a cop and the fact that the costume came with handcuffs as an accessory was well just the BESTEST!! I was able to arrest all of my friends and take pictures which well that was just fun!
I was so happy all of the people that I invited came! The turnout was amazing, and it was just great to surrounded by all of my friends. Joe was surprised at how many people came and I had to explain to him that it was because I am super fun and charming and entertaining to boot so Hello why wouldn't they want to come lol
Joe was way surprised by the birthday cake that I made him, which if I do say so myself was pretty flippen sweet! All in all it was a great first Halloween for me and I plan on doing it again next year :)