Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh God Where to Begin????

You know how you will have one of those days, where everything is going good? Better than good even , Great? Well that was my Thursday. I was so excited to get to go to Billings with my man. My bff was watching my Lil guy (he just loves her everly so so much!).
All went great in Billing's too, got to have a nice lunch out, get stuff for the kids bunk beds, and groceries. Came home with not a hiccup, put things away and heck we had made it home before the babies even got out of school! Like I said it was a super day!
Then WHAM!!!! Just like that my perfect day changed in the matter of seconds. On my way to get my Lil guy I was hit. My car god bless it's Lil heart got all sorts of jacked up around that phone pole, and well me let's just say not doing all together that great.
I ended up being in the ER, and got to meet our emergency response team here in Red Lodge. I must say this though. Out of all of the pain, and the shock, well I felt safe. The first responder was one of my children's teacher's and she was able to crack jokes about having clean panties and that my hair looked great!
The paramedic's well they were AWESOME!!! Those guys and gal were just fabulous, they kept me calm as they could, and the best part was that all of them were soooooo caring! The officer's from the city were great, and a big thanks to those city cops for taking care of my car and the towing details, (I am as girl as they get and those guys made it all work!).
To the fire dept. guys thank you for taking my sick and well probably nervous humor in stride, and thank you for telling me that my hair looked ok even with the neck brace!
To my ER nurses, and doctor, and xray tech thank you! You guy's were with me the longest and had to answer all my stupid questions and deal with my whining about pain.
In the end, well I am carless, I hurt like a mother trucker, but I am counting my blessing's that my Lil guy wasn't in the car nor were any of my other children.