Friday, April 22, 2011

When you can shake it, shake it!

Now I am a young mom. No I didn't have my babies at 10 but you know at the responsible age of 19 duh! I was also married so don't judge. Saying this there are things that I have come to understand that are just well not protocol for all mothers.

For instance when I take my 13 year old to school I can get away with screaming out the window "I love you, make good choices". To which she will scream back "I love you too, just like dirty socks" , oh what a doll. But I have watched other mothers simply yell "Don't forget to go to my office after school" to which the response is of the children putting their heads down, and doing the weird look over to the kid next to them and looking at them like oh man is that your mom? There are other incidents such as if I show up to get her from school and decide to cat call her while she is walking to the car, she often stops and struts like she is on a catwalk.

I love hanging out with my kiddos and often I find it is so much funner to do this with music. So it is nothing to walk in our home and the radio to be blaring and me and my kids shaking it like we are at a club. Now do not get confused by me having fun with my kids, and the not being a parent line. I am the mom, they are my minions and I am in charge (most of the time). But I am also not that mom that throws the kegers at their house using the whole "I would rather have them drink where I know they are safe". Hell to the No on that !

That is strictly not considered parenting and quite frankly I don't need anymore friends. Not to mention it would just be creepy if my daughter got her drink on with my permission! This is becoming one of the impeding situations that are on our horizon. You see unless you live under a rock you are aware that kids are starting to drink, and experiment with drugs younger and younger. They even hosted a survey of the middle schoolers to see what the stats are for drugs, drinking, and sex in the schools.

Thus far my oldest bless her heart is still totally virgin on all accounts. She may make off colored jokes on drugs, drug dealers, and sweat shop kids making crack but she is completely unaware of many of the decisions of her peers. I for one have opted for total disclosure with her on a need to know basis. For example if she asks "Did you wait for marriage?" I smile sweetly and say well now honey if I had been that smart do you think I would have been lucky enough to marry the sperm donor?  See honest, harsh, but reality.  I know you are all like "Oh my gosh she admitted to being human! There goes the parent respect right out the window! Oh get your panties out of a wad, first of all do any of you remember the extreme shock and horror when you realized your parents were jacked up like polio? I mean hello!

Its like finding out your June Cleaver mom was a stripper at Shotgun Willies when she was in her twenty's! Not to mention the fact that why should I pretend to have been a model teen? I mean hello being a teen is hard enough with hormones, mean girls, and the whole who am I deal why put unrealistic idol worship on me too? Plus I am also happy with the fact that my house is the favorite for slumber parties, sleep overs, and hang out spot. Why? Well I am involved. I play the dance dance game on Wii, I run with them while shooting them down with silly string, and yes I am even guilty of being the mom shaking it with the girls while dancing in my living room. I am approachable, non judgemental, and human and they love that. So if you feel there is a awkward feeling with you and your teen try remembering being a teen, and sympathize with their issues at school and friends too.