Saturday, April 9, 2011

Triple Shot Mountain Mornings

Ah nothing is better than waking up and being able to see the mountains from your deck! This morning was great because not only did I get some one on one time with my fiance but I also was able to have a leisurely breakfast with my lil ones too! Nothing says Saturday like French Toast, Bacon, and O.J.
This morning was extra funny tho due to the amazing A you see he has become his own lil person and cracks me up all the time! Today as I was making breakfast he comes up the stairs and announces that he found his long lost hamster toy (much to my chagrin) and that they both love me! Ah melt my heart!
But the thing that is so humorous is the fact that he believes he is an Ace Storyteller! Oh ya folks he will regale us all with his adventures in Lego's and Dirt biking, as long as he has his sister's there egging him on lol
My favorite part of the story telling is the way he ends all his stories with "And they lived happy ever after forever and ever amen" You've got to love the way little ones pick up on even the littlest phrases that they hear daily.
So today will be a great day with work fun and just plain life!