Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can Not Go Wrong With Good Peep's In Your Corner!

Oh folks there are those day's that I find myself sitting in the morning with my coffee and feel so blessed for all that has come from one of the hardest moments of my life. I entered into my marriage young which is NO excuse, but I must also say I don't regret a single moment or choice in my past. What? It's true, with out the choices that I made I never would have ended up here.

You see I love my lil life, to say it was easy to start over at 30 and having literally only the clothes on my back, my four babies, and no plan I must say I did pretty dang good! Its funny to me when talking with my close girlfriends to think back on all we have done. I remember thinking for years that I wouldn't know what I would do if I was ever left alone with four small children and well as it turns out I would do just dandy thank you very much!

I have finally found me, I have finally taken charge of my own path, and I have found strength that I truly never knew existed. Why am I on this topic? Well you see I had to laugh at a recent convo about my lil life I had with a good friend. Here she was telling me how super I am (we never object to that) but she was also using words such as Survivor, Resilient, Hotter than Victoria Secret's model ( ok, ok, maybe not the VS model) but she was using words to describe me that I really never even thought of.

Which got this girl a thinking. Why is it when you are in a situation be it good or bad we often sell ourselves short? I am a Cancer survivor 4 years in remission thank you, and yet I never well take that as a victory. Why? Well I count my 4 babies as a bigger accomplishment over beating stage 3 Cancer. I count my blessings yes, and I don't dwell on the bad rather I take the hurdle and move on.  It is comical to me now some of the things that happen during my cancer tho.

For example I am one who jokes when I am hurt, hurting, or being tortured by needle wielding nurses. One incident that sticks out to me is when I was being airlifted to Billings due to complications caused by cancer and the pregnancy with my last lil guy. And they put me in the ambulance and I notice that the EMT who was helping transport me had a MULLET !!!! Oh the excitement that this brought to me, and ladies he not only had the whole business up front but he had gel in the back! Oh the fun I had! You see I hurt like hell but to distract myself from the poking and prodding that was going on to me. It was good for him, I made Aqua Net jokes, thanked him for hanging on to the 80's with such zealous and gave him a nod even for the resemblance he had to Bon Jovi.

You see it is my firm belief that when you are down, just Pollyanna the hell out of the situation and all will be right in the Land of La! Not to mention always surround yourself with true friends, and family. Also give yourself a shout out any time you over come an obstacle.