Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Envy of the 13 year-old Confidence/Insanity

Man I wish I could have that confidence!

Now there are those days that you will look at your children and well wonder if there is a missing link! Here is why. I am the biggest fan of my oldest daughter but there are days when I still sit there and am well more than a little shocked and amazed by the fact that she has  NO FEAR when it comes to public humiliation!

I don't know about you but at 13 in the seventh grade it would well have been social suicide to go to school sporting a Blow fish costume for Halloween! But do you think that this was even a concern of hers? Heck No! She went right ahead with her plan and even recruited her Dad into this plan. What was scary is the fact that the two of them thought that this was basically the best idea ever! I sat there in shock while they constructed this costume out of metal coat hangers, paper, spray glue, and more man hours than I could or would ever dedicate to a costume.

What was even funnier is the fact that she was soooooo excited! She had arranged not only how she was going to commute to and from school as well as to and from class in this sweet get up. But what other girl do you know looks at the blow fish costume as the most epic fashion statement of the year?

So it really is funny that the fact of her tiara sporting, converse sneakers to her knees, and wait for it turned in an Army Ammo carry case into a lunch box and painted flying ponies and rainbows on the side antics are still surprising and shocking to me! She will entertain you to the end and the fact that she has a sense of humor of a 35 year old just adds to the fun! So here is a little wish for all of us on those days that we look in the mirror and wish we were skinnier, prettier, had better hair, better figure, and even better life, lets instead wish for that unscathed and undestroyed confidence of a girl with the self esteem of a Super Star!