Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hi Mean Mom

Ah the sweetest words EVER! So here is the latest run down on my Lil man situation. First he is often the sweetest little thing alive but as of late he has tried his hand at teasing the sisters, and we all know that is like playing with piranhas its just going to end up in pieces!

So after repeatedly kicking his sister's stool while she repeatedly told him not too, and then for good measure he decided to inform her that she was also "A whiny baby" you can just imagine the outcome. It was a good thing for him that he messed with Rori rather than Aubry because she would of had him in a headlock and demanding an apology! Instead he just made Rori cry much to my chagrin and landed himself in time out in his room.

That was my first mistake, I forgot the cardinal rule of parenting my children and that is to NEVER give them time to think/plot/organize against you! I know , I know, total rookie mistake but come on I was doing laundry, making dinner, listening to three girls talk to me and don't even act like you could have attacked the situation better! I mean pre-dinner after school/work time is like a war zone equipped with school home work, permission slips, middle school girl/boy drama, its like having a reality show minus the cameras!

Now when dinner was ready I sent one of the girls to go and get the wee man from his prison (ya prison with Lego's sooooo hardcore!) When he came up the stairs you could tell that well he had been thinking for awhile! Because he comes up those stairs looks me dead in the eyes and says "Hi, Mean Mom" now I will not lie I was caught off guard but by the reaction from my oldest daughter I asked him "What did you say?" and well being my child he said with complete enunciation so that in case I was having to rely on reading lips I would be able to understand "Hi, Mean Mom" OK now there are those moments in parenting that well there is a full on Mommy Dearest slip that occurs and well you just better hope that we are out of Comet and Wire Hangers! I looked at him and informed him that I was not the mean one and that due to his actions as well as his comment he was going to be timed for eating his dinner and that he best get a move on because when that big hand hit the 4 he was going to be off to his room like a prisoner in lock down for the evening!

Was I mad not so much as impressed with the fact that he is now starting to really think and plan out his actions, and to be very honest his honesty even though I know he knew he was not being nice was well commendable. Ah but alas when you are the mama and you don't want your child to become a  little thuglet when he is older you must remind him swiftly and surely that you are the boss, demand respect, and that well all actions have a reaction.

All that being said I will say that the reaction from his sisters was CLASSIC! The oldest well she stated she was sure he was going to be taken down and thought that she should stand by in order to assist in clean up. The middle child aka the brain of all devious plots instantly looked at him when he sat next to her at the table and was like "So how do you think that went? Not so smart to mess with mommy is it now!", but best of all was Rori ah the wise Rori he sat down she looked at him and was like "You better eat fast cause you are sooooo in trouble!"

I also liked the little when I was grounded for being mean to mom tales that they passed and reminisced about while eating dinner. I mean heck from the tales those girls told of toys being taken, chores being added, and long long hours spent sitting in ones room you could have swore they had spent some hard time in the pen. Now all I can say is this he apologized, we are besti's again but I doubt he will be thinking he is everly so clever the next time he gets in trouble.