Friday, May 13, 2011

Real Housewives My Booty!

Ah the fun of television. It has come to the point that reality shows are the only thing on, unless you want to watch one of the 50 crime shows. Ah the selection! Not to mention the reality Housewives are well too much for words!

You see I am in a little town and I often joke that there is a need for a reality show just due to the total hilariousness of rumors, and drama. But the ladies on these reality shows are hysterical! From ghetto brawls in the country clubs, and tour bus throw downs, you also get to watch the best couple wars since War of Roses! I mean if you are dysfunctional, have a tan like an oompa loompa, and more plastic parts than a VW you are sooooo ready to go into National Syndication! Not to mention throw in an addiction, feud, or divorce and you are going to get book offers, and asked to go to red carpet events! I love the fact that they are actually serious about themselves on the reunion shows! They cry, they act concerned, and all sorts of so called normal.

Here is the deal-i-oso, I soooooo need a reality show! I mean heck, the kids I am actually raising have personalities, the people I know in my Lil town are so flipping hysterical to watch in action that we could simply go to the local main street sit on a bench and the entertainment would quickly follow. Not to mention throw in the "New Girl In Town Factor" and let me just say there is very little that hasn't been stated as gospel truth about me by complete strangers, and don't forget the fact that I have some of the best friends in the world that chill and laugh at the cable reality show situation with me. I mean folks this could be the new trend people actually watching real people minus the facade of reality and actually watching families that work, wipe their kids noses, and have days were they could actually loose their ever livin mind if they have to fold any more laundry!

I mean heck we may not make it big and TLC and Dancing With The Stars may not call but it would crack me up to watch a REAL family on T.V.! Not to mention it would be great to see if there are other mothers who come home to kids pushing their siblings down the stairs in a laundry basket and justifying it by having a helmet on the one in the basket, or heck going through phases with their children only wanting to eat only ORANGE colored foods, and drinks! I mean heck throw in the mother's ninja like ability to play Tetras with the 40 loads of laundry in the laundry room and I will make sure I have a diet something and popcorn to watch that kind of action!