Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspirations from All Around

Sorry blog readers with the job, the babies, and the impending school year starting up I have had absolutely no time on my hands to spare!

But here is a little tidbit for those that follow my crazy little blog:)

Its funny how when faced with all the new events that there is one thing that seems to be at the core of all and that is FAMILY! Oh how in this crazy world we often find that there is a such a importance placed on money, work, and well social events. When did we replace dinner around the table in the evening with dinner on the run? Or how we counted family time as when we shuttle the children back and forth to activities? It is so seldom that you here couples talk about how they went camping with the kids, or decided to take a impromptu fishing trip for fun, or well even family night is so often not even a notion.

I find that the glue to our family is the presence of my husband to be. You see he takes it upon himself to make time for those family outings. From spontaneous "We are going dirt biking" texts, to meet me at the house we are all going to the lake for a dinner BBQ. You see it is the key to any family that both partners are equals in the family. When one is working it falls on the other partner to try to make the children the main priority and to well create memories too.

Why is it in our daily conversations are we hearing well my husband is off with his friends, or well my wife is out with the girls. I am not saying that outings as adults isn't needed, lord knows a girls night/ boys night is often our sanity keepers for parents. But when your social agenda takes precedence over your family one must wonder were that in fact leaves the family?

So I put out this challenge to you mothers/fathers : Make a point this week to do one thing with just you and your kiddos, One thing with just you and your spouse, and One thing with the entire family.