Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In a nutshell

Oh ladies the school year has started, and ALL 4 of my children are in school!!!! AHHHHH! Not going to lie I dang near lost my religion with the idea that there will be days off when I am actually going to be able to have time to do things!(watch out world of bloggers i am about to go viral!)

Ah but alas there are still those sweet moments that as a mother you are able to really just sit back and enjoy watching your lil one's take flight. For example last night after dinner while me and my fiance sat on the couch relaxing the lil guy comes up and started placing each of our hands on our hearts. Then he turns towards the window and says "We will look at the moon since we don't have a flag" Folks that sweet and innocent child said the Pledge of Alligance with the utmost respect, and genuine appreciation for the words that though he may not fully understand, God bless him his whole heart was in it.

Now I know there are schools, and citizens who for what ever reason may not say the Pledge of Alligance but what better way for all of us to show the respect for the country that gives us the choice to choose!

I am proud to say that his little mixing up the pronunciation of the larger words melted my heart, and how straight he stood with respect gave me goose bumps, and ya you know me I got teary eyed. But man what a great end to the day!