Friday, October 14, 2011

Torture? Or Fun? This is the question!

Well ladies we all have those days when you would quite frankly like to curl up with a bottle of wine, a sex in the city marathon and a box of tissues. And honestly who could really blame you? Well that was well my Wednesday.

First find out after the absolute longest eye doctor appointment known to man that my youngest daughter is closer to needing a seeing eye dog , than she is to needing a pair of glasses! Top that with a sweet non-existent convo with the ex of all that is amazing, and sprinkle it with a migraine and oh ya you have a recipe for SWEET!

To say the least I super mom, wanted to just stay in bed on Thursday (ok all Thursday). And instead went to work, to find out I rock once again and that I didn't work (oh ya I was totally so spot on, from outfit, to my sweet hairstyle that you would be jealous!) After realizing I am not in fact working, I go home to find that well the day was gloomy looking, and the pile of evil laundry which I swear was giving me the stink eye from the corner of my room was about the only thing that was looking to happened. Ya to say the least I had sooooo many options of equal torture status as a game of Chinese water torture!

So then bless my besti she text to carry me away to Billings! Ya I love her face and in all reality it was sooooo much better than the laundry which would soooo be there when I came back! So off to Billlings we go were after a day of hair awesomeness (I got purple put in!), to lunch at the Olive Garden all was right in the world and well it was so what Dr.Phill would have ordered if he would ever take my dang calls!

To say the least every thing has a way of working itself out and we are really more blessed than we recognize when in the middle of all the silly chaos of life.