Saturday, March 2, 2013

He was as smart as Forest Gump... or atleast that is what they thought!

You know those earth shattering, time stopping moments that you have as a parent? Often these can be brought on and caused by numerous issues often the worst is when you get the sinking feeling in your stomach and it is because one of your little one's is struggling in school!

Any parent will tell you we can take an onslaught of attacks from all directions and yet when it comes to the development of our little monkeys we tend to react like King Kong in Hong Kong! The ape jumping, grunting adult temper tantrum which causes our children to look on with disapproval. Well you see it has been a touch and go time with my youngest in school.

He is probably one of the sweetest, caring, boys in the world. But the poor little guy was not "Testing" well in Kindergarten. You see it was one of those awesome conferences that the teacher tries to tell you how happy and sweet your kiddo is all the while just trying to prepare you for the fact that the test results show that your little one may not be able to mutter the "Would you like to Biggie Size your order?" Key phrase for the position's that will be available to him with the way he is testing. This is discouraging to say the least, but the worst part is when you know the teacher's and the tests are right.

This is what we had to succumb to last year and decided it was to the best interest of our son to have another year in Kindergarten. The worst that could happen was he would be sad about not moving forward with his buddies but the fact remained he really was not all to concerned with that.

So this year we repeated Kindergarten. And let me tell you what a difference!!!! You see instead of coming in for the conference and hearing how he may or may not be Forest Gump's predecessor, we instead heard what a little prodigy he has become!

Yes folks he went from being on the bottom of the testing scale to literally trail blazing off of the charts!!! And if that was not enough, it turns out he is possibly as talented as Rain Man when it comes to math!!! And just so you know that is pretty flippin sweet!

We have learned that sometimes when you allow your child time to grow, and develop they will often succeed, and even exceed your goals for them. I am not saying he is perfect all around (tho rumor has it that he is) but I will say that the large challenges of last year have been nixed. Now the only concern is keeping him stocked in Lego's, books, and domino's!

So remember when your child and you face a vast challenge, have faith in your child. Do not doubt them, do not give up on them, and never ever let them know that they are anything but PERFECT! Often your faith in them will fuel their success.
He made this Lego Helicopter by himself!!!